TAKATA Dental Clinic
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the viwe of Tateyama Mountain Range from Sugitani, 立山連邦 Toyama

In order to make smooth comunication and treatment,
we recommend Pre-Visit Contact by email or FAX
if you want to consultation in our clinic.

We think that not all foreigners in Toyama speak English well,
but we believe that to open the window in English will be
effective choice to communicate for us.

Sometime we encounter difficulty of comunication
even if we are Japanese each other,let alone foreigners.

Before you visit to our clinic, please tell us
by e-mail to info(at mark)takata-dental.com.
that filled the questions like as follows.
※Please modify (at mark) to @ by yourself.※

※Please don't delete or change the title of email.
 If we suspect your mail has virus, we may not open it.

※Our emails to you may go to a "spam" forlder.
 When you suspict our reply does not come to you, please check it.

「TAKATA Dental clinic診療相談」
 @ If someone recommend our clinic, his/her name
 A Your name
 B Gender
 C Date of birth
 D How old you are
 E Address
 F TEL number
 G Other contact number if you have.
 H If you got a serious diseases, the name of the diseases .
 I Do you have any clinic you go to now
 J If you have medicine that you take regularly, the name of the medicine
 K Anything that you want to ask or take counsel with.
 L preferred date and time
  ・ 1st preference
  ・ 2nd preference
  ・ 3rd preference
Because we have to adjust our schedule,
please propose date after 2 weeks.
Once you clic the email adress, mail soft in your PC
will open the formed email automatically.
Please make email as formed.

If you want to make email without such a email soft
please make email by your hand.
But please do not delete the email title.
We cannot tell them from malicious mail.

After we check your email, we will call or email to you.
And then, let us make the appointment.

Once after we make appointment for you,
and you have to change our schedule, please ask us.

If we cannot connect you, we cannot make schedule for you.
Or we can delete the appointment for you with relactance.

***** Please don't change or delete the email title. *****

For example, the titles like "no title", "dental",
"dental check", "appointment", "Hello,Dr.TAKATA"...etc.
Sometimes such titles are suspected of virus mails for us.
We may not open them.

***** We don't accept credit card payment. *****

*****We will introduce this website for you.*****


(The website that is managed by Toyama prefecture)

If you want to serch for another dental clinics
that is aveilable in any foreign languages
in Toyama prefecture, this website may be
useful for you.

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